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May 20, 2018 – Gina Rivera Tip of the Week

Sherrie Wilson

Pride in ourselves and our work is so important when it comes to being successful. Here’s my Tip of the Week on that topic:
When it comes to building a successful business, I believe that having pride in yourself and your work is key. Here’s a few things that I recommend if you’d like to resonate pride with your clients:

First, make sure you take pride in your appearance and look your best when taking care of clients.

Second, do some research on what your client’s best look may be. This will give them courage and they will know you cared enough to commit some time to them.

Third, keep your work environment clean. Remember, appearance is everything and your work space represents how you respect and operate your business.

Fourth, make sure your professional equipment is clean. Don’t forget about items like color bowls, brushes, combs and hot tools.

Fifth, prepare the evening prior for the next day. This will help you to put your best foot forward at the start of each day.

Finally, always be on time and ready to go. Timeliness is a clear way of stating that you have pride and others are important.