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Hairbrained – Love the Layers this Season – Part 1 by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Layers…just the thought of them intimidate some and scare away others. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  With the correct type of layering, and a competent stylist, layering may provide just the lift you need.

So, when talking about a lift, it’s sometimes hard to know the best way to achieve this. Of course, depending on what style you’re after there may be various options. But, for this three article series, the focus will be on utilizing layers.

You may be flirting with the idea of adding some layers to your hair. This can be scary for some of you, especially if you have never had layers before. Layers can really add to a look, however, keep in mind that they can be a lot of work as well. You will need to allow yourself the appropriate amount of time to learn how to style them.

However, don’t fear, layers can be cut to custom fit your facial structure as well as your lifestyle. They can really add a lot to your look once you adjust to styling them. Also, keep in mind, now is the perfect time to add layers since this season is all about texture.

Once you’ve set your mind to add texture, there’s so many things you can do. Layers can be styled in a soft and wavy manner. Conversely, they can also be worn straight and smooth. Finally, layers are a great way to add volume, movement, and height. They are really versatile once you get use to them.

Watch for my next article on how to wear layers with various hair lengths and textures. Stay tune this is, going to be a great series!

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