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Hairbrained – Match Cut with Facial Shape for Best Result by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

The shape of a face plays an important role when choosing a hairstyle. Now, that doesn’t mean if you saw a cute haircut that you wouldn’t be able to wear it without the proper facial structure. Most likely, you would just need to variate the cut a bit so that it’s suited to your features.

It’s fairly easy to see that some haircuts can enhance certain facial shapes. Some cuts may make a round face look even more round. Likewise, some may make a square face look ultra-square or a narrow face look even thinner. With this in mind, it’s important to find out your face shape prior to selecting a cut. You can do this by either asking your stylist or you can pull your hair back away from your face and evaluate your own structure in the mirror. Once you’ve made the determination, you will can use the tips below for selecting the proper cut.

If your facial structure is a complete round circle, it’s important to select the length of your cut carefully. Longer length haircuts with layers serve to balance out a round shaped face. Avoid rounder cuts that hit directly at the chin as this will make the face appear even more round.

Oval shaped faces are the easiest to match a style to. This is because the facial shape has the distinct quality of being flattered by almost any cut. So, feel free to select a favorite and give it a try.

Heart shaped faces tend to be wider at the forehead and narrower at the chin. Shorter haircuts are a go with this facial shape. A pixie is a great way to flatter this facial structure. Also, consider adding a soft and long bang, a side swept bang, or a short and wispy bang. A bang is easy to add to a little longer style or a pixie cut.

Diamond faces tend to have narrow foreheads, wider cheekbones, and thinner chins. Great cuts for this facial structure are chin length Bobs. Really, any style that you can pull back away from your face or an asymmetrical cut works well. A hair cut that can be tucked behind the ears also look super. Diamonds may want to consider going for a deep side part, that we are seeing so much of these days, to flatter their facial structure.

Square faces look amazing with longer hair, especially if the hair has layers. Just make sure the layers start below the chin. Bobs can also be a great cut for a square shaped face as long as the length hits below the chin. Longer side swept bangs also work for this shape. Soft bangs and layers can assist with creating a softer look for those with a square face.

Oblong faces are longer, narrow, shapes. Avoid hairstyles that are long with this facial structure. Lengths that are at the shoulder and above work best, especially if layers are added. If you have natural curl, even better. If you don’t have curl, consider adding it by using a curling iron or rollers. The key is the fuller, the better. So, make sure to build volume with this shape.

The pear-shaped face is noted for its narrow forehead and wider jaw line. When choosing a cut for this face shape be aware of the length. Make sure the hair and the layers are below the chin rather than at the chin. This will ensure that you do not over accentuate the jaw line. A short cut can work as well as long as there is more fullness and volume at the top of the head in order to create balance.

Just remember, if you’re unsure, seek the advice of a professional and you’re sure to look incredible!