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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Color Trends for 2018

Sherrie Wilson

It’s always a big decision when selecting to change your hair color. If you’re trying to make a choice regarding what shade to wear, there are definitely some color trends that are on the horizon for 2018.

Darker roots and lighter ends continue to be prevalent moving into the new year. Brunettes that are softly Ombre, just a shade lighter than the roots, will also be prevalent. Brunettes with just a hint of warmth to them are again popular this season as well.

Auburn is going to be another color to watch for as we ring in 2018. Additionally, hair color that is very close to your own skin tone will be in vogue. Make sure to watch for it.

Combining various shades will likewise be fashionable. Mixing red with blonde tones will be a highly selected mingling as we move into the new year. These shades are making huge statements, as the current rage, from the intense tones to the peachy strawberry blondes.

Speaking of blondes, they’re moving towards more of a buttery natural look. The brassy appearance will definitely be taken of the table this year. Natural abounds as it did in 2017. This trend is here to stay for at least another season.

For those that are not ready to make the commitment to an all over color or highlight, don’t feel pressured. Instead, speak with a stylist and get some professional input. Request a few face framing highlights that are just around the perimeter of the hair to ease into the change. Just a small change can often provide the perfect pick up. And, remember, there’s no need to worry. After all, it’s just color and you can always return to your prior look.

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