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Hairbrained – Get Hair Care Ready for the School Year by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Pretty soon mornings will be all about ensuring lunches are made and homework is completed. But don’t forget, now is also the time to ensure that the vanity is set with the items that will help your to student look their best.

Regardless of if your child is starting kindergarten or about to finish their senior year, there are certain items that you will want to ensure are in the cabinets and vanities. When it comes to good hair health make sure that there is a good cleansing shampoo. Kids tend to stay busy and are often involved in sports after school. Hygiene is super important when it comes to scalp health and beautiful locks.

Along with all the cleansing, it’s equally important to have a good moisturizing shampoo. This is especially true for kids that are bathing more frequently meaning the hair tends to dry out. Also, just around the corner will be cooler months where the heat is on at school. Indoor heat can dry hair and pull the moisture out of the hair, so periodically a deep conditioner is essential as well.

When it comes to styling products, there’s a few essentials that I recommend. First, a good hairspray is always a staple. I like “CLUTCH” by Gina. It allows for movement while providing an amazing hold for any style. I also recommend a good gel that can be used to mold the hair or to create volume. If the hair is finer, try mousse. Mousse has some of the same properties as gel without being as heavy.

Check the kids styling tools before the year begins, too. You will want a good blow dryer for both your boys and girls. Also, determine if the styles call for a flat iron, curling wand, curling iron or a styling brush. I recommend Tools by Gina that have infrared smart technology. This is a technology that locks the moisture in creating more beautiful hair.

Last, don’t forget to accessorize. Here consider items like clips, ponytail holders, barrets, hats, bandanas and headbands. The world is your oyster when it comes to accessorizing. Have fun with it. And, most of all, have a fabulous school year. Their only young once!