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Hairbrained-Are You a Product Junkie? by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Each time a new product comes on the market, it’s easy to be a bit curious and wonder things like; How does it work? Will my clients like trying this? Is it worth the money? What type of hair could I use this for?

I cannot tell you how many times I have selected an item to use and later find it unused sitting on my shelf. Ultimately when this occurs, it ends up being disposed of some place down the line.

I finally realized that the key to using all the purchased items is organization. I believe the first step to organizing is taking inventory of the items that you have. Next, separate the products into two categories; cleansing and styling products.

Also, identify the products that work best for certain types of hair. For example, if the product is a heavy gel, you may want to categorize this for thicker and courser hair rather than thin, fine, hair. Likewise, you may have purple shampoos that you plan to use for your favorite blonde clients rather than the brunettes or red heads.

Next, determine the products that you regularly use versus the ones that are rarely used. If a product is rarely used, it’s time to dispose of it and make room on your shelf. For products that are used regularly, set up a subscription or a standing order. This will prevent random purchases of replacement products that may not be used in the long run.

Now, arrange your product shelves or cabinets accordingly by the categories that work for you. Make sure that all of the products are easy to see and easy to access. This will prevent you from only using the item in front or having to look hard for a specific item. Hint: you may need to add new shelves to be able to see everything.

Finally, say “Good Bye” to being a product junkie. You’ve just turned over a new leaf! #beautyexpertgina #phenixsalonsuites #productsbygina