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Hairbrained – Dazzle With Dependability by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Dazzle them with Dependability…..Growing up in the salon industry, I learned a tremendous amount by watching my peers. Being opened to learning allowed me the opportunity to take in all kinds of new techniques. However, equally important, I was also observing how the Salon Professionals around me were running their businesses.

During this time, I took special note of how they treated their clients. It always amazed me how being successful was about a lot more than just giving a great cut or color. It was about making someone look and feel their best. In many cases, the experience was about changing their life.

Through all my observing, there was one characteristic that I noticed as highly important when it came to being successful and this was dependability. Being dependable is absolutely crucial when running a business. Clients like stability and they want to feel secure knowing that you are going to be at the same location. With that said, I do realize that things sometimes change and situations arise where you may have to make a move in your career. Know that this is okay. Just strive to avoid making too many location changes. Keep in mind that your clients like the security of knowing where to find you.

Being dependable with your services is another area to focus on. Clients want to feel certain that every time they come in you will be have new suggestions for them. This includes tips for keeping their hair healthy and conditioned, home styling tips and even providing pictures of new styles that you recommend. Actions like this show your client that you’re ahead of the game with new ideas. It keeps it interesting for you as well as your client.

Working behind the chair as long as I have, I know all too well that it’s a fairytale to say that we that we will never run behind. Trust me, it happens! However, it’s our responsibility as Salon Professionals to try to anticipate our day and allow ourselves extra time. This is especially true when we know someone is on our books who may take a little longer. I realize time is money, but you will also loose clients quickly if you are constantly running late. So, work to stay on schedule.

I knew a Salon Professional who always dressed to the nines. All day long I would hear her clients tell her that they could not wait to come in to see what she was wearing and how she had styled her her hair. I am sharing this to remind you that we are in the fashion industry which you can depend on to be cutting edge and inspirational. So make sure to be a dependable inspiration to the clients that sit in your chair. Look the part.

Finally, dependability should be witnessed in your attitude. We all have a lot going on in our lives, however, it’s crucial to leave private issues at the door. Your client is paying for your full attention and their appointment should always be positive and about their needs. Clients want to feel excitement when they visit the salon. A lot of times they’re coming in for a personal boost. Make sure they leave feeling great and you can depend on them returning!