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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on the Golden Globes

Sherrie Wilson

Wild, crazy, and sometimes extremely elegant describes the hairstyles we have seen our favorite Hollywood starlets wear over the years at the Golden Globes. However, this year was a bit more subdued. The hairstyles seemed to be toned down yet still very rich and beautiful.

Reds certainly made a strong case for being bestowed the select color of the evening. We witnessed this with some of our favorite headliners such as Barbara Meier, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Debra Messing.

We also saw deep, dark, shiny, black tresses that were incredibly stunning. Simone Johnson, Mandy Moore and Kendall Jenner wore the look well. And, who could forget Oprah Winfrey who was absolutely polished with her striking locks.

Deep chestnut winter brown shades were also trending under the lights. Perfect examples of this included Emma Watson and Ashley Judd who new how to warm up the red carpet with their beautiful hair.

We continue to see pixie cuts being worn by some of our faves and I don’t see them departing anytime soon. Kate Hudson was her adorable self, dressing her pixie up with a stylish headband. Zoe Kravits and Michelle Williams also pulled this look off like the leading ladies they are.

Blondes seem to be less extreme and consisting of more all over tone on tone colors this season. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman illustrated this perfectly.

Natural curl is still being embraced and I love it! Even the men are embracing their curls. James Franco looked very sheik mixing tight sides with soft curls on his crown. And, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Viola Davis who was just striking wearing her natural curls.

Shirley McClain stepped out with a rocking shag. This is a look that I believe is going to big this year. The shag is unique because it’s one of those styles that can be worn in many ways. Stay tuned because I am certain we’re going to be seeing many different variations.

Overall, when it came to hair, the looks were extremely natural from hair color to the finished styles. Not over done, yet, very polished. Can’t wait to see what the People’s Choice Awards holds!

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