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Hairbrained: About a Mirror and a Prayer with Gina Rivera

As many of you are aware, I recently embarked on writing my autobiography. I released my first book, “A Mirror and a Prayer”, last spring which outlines my life experiences to date. It begins with my story as a child who was raised in the salon industry. From there, it details my experiences from being a high school drop out to attending beauty school and opening my first hair salon which ultimately became Phenix Salon Suites; my suite company that now consists of close to 300 locations.

Writing about yourself can be an eye-opening experience. It allows for the opportunity to reflect in a very personal way on your own journey. You realize how far that you have gone. You also have the opportunity to recognize the individuals that have played an important role in your life. Equally important, you are given the chance to reflect on challenges and victories.

For me, I feel blessed to be able to share my story with you; a colleague and a Salon Professional like myself. And, though our journeys may be very different. Most likely, we also share some important similarities. Certainly, our love for the industry, and the fact that we are both business owners who work daily to improve ourselves and increase our opportunities.

Through my story, I hope that I am able to impart some of the lessons that I have learned. One of my favorites; never let anyone tell you that “You Can’t”.  Know that sometimes, you will encounter obstacles and challenges, but if you set your mind to something, and work hard, you have the ability to achieve it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I also describe how I went about setting my own goals. I learned that if you want to achieve goals, it’s important to put yourself in situations where you are challenged and can grow. While this may not always be comfortable, it’s crucial to the success of most journeys. It’s very hard to learn anything new, and move forward, in a situation that never changes. In the book, I explain how I handled stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to move ahead in life.

In addition, I share my thoughts on relationships and important stories about key individuals in my life; How they have impacted me and their importance. I firmly believe that you must build a support team and surround yourself with individuals who will lift you up.

As mentioned, throughout the book, I share many of my own life’s lessons.  Though it is my story, I hope that I will have the honor of touching each of your lives in a unique way by telling it. If you would like to read “A Mirror and a Prayer”, you may easily order it on

I wish each of you peace, happiness, and success in all that you pursue.


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