News & Updates – 12 Best Straighteners of 2019, According to Stylist – featuring Gina Rivera

Whether you’re goal is to smooth out thick, coarse hair or to gently straighten fine, delicate strands, there’s a hair straightener for you out there. When choosing your next iron, you’ll want to make sure that you find the best one for your hair type and needs. Quality, long-lasting irons are generally crafted with materials like ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, and porcelain to reduce damage and keep your hair protected, while others feature negative ions in their plates to enhance shine. To help you land on the perfect hair straightener for you, we’ve spoken to experts for their picks. Read on.



Gold Professional Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener


Almost every stylist that I interviewed had this ghd flat iron on their list. It features sensors on each of the two plates to evenly distribute heat. “The iron has the best cord, heat regulation settings, and movable blades that go in the direction my hand moves without pulling on a client’s hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Paul LabrecquePlus, this model includes an automatic sleep-mode that will switch off if not used for 30 minutes, so no need to worry if you’ve left it on after leaving the house.



Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener



$99.95 (21% off)

Professional hair straighteners are designed with quality materials like ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and porcelain to reduce damage and keep your hair protected. This FHI flat iron is equipped with both tourmaline and ceramic as well as “moisture-locking negative ions” to reduce frizz and static. “It heats up to 450 degrees and offers adjustable temperature settings, making it an ideal option for all hair types,” says Ramona Villanueva, stylist Boss Hair Group in Chicago.




Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Hair Straightener


This ultra-lightweight flat iron by BaBylissPRO is small and perfect for travel, says Hope Russ, a hairstylist at Changes Hair Studio in Mobile, Alabama. “Its 5-inch titanium plates provide great, even heat transfer for fast styling,” she adds. “I’ve had this iron in my kit for 5 years, and it has taken a beating but still works beautifully.”



Professional Black Gold Micro-Shine Hair Straightener



The black gold finish of this flat iron combined with titanium and ceramic evenly distributes heat to flatten strands and create shine. Martinez says that it’s the hottest flat iron she’s used in her nearly two decades of hair. “It’s my go-to for thick, course hair. The curved design makes it perfect for creating waves in addition to straightening hair,” she says.



Platinum+ Professional Hair Straightener


This iron is for those looking for a straight look that’s not super flat, says Cris Baadsgar of Colour Collective Salon. “The iron’s new smart technology does a brilliant job of adjusting the temperature of the iron to prevent fragile sections from getting overheated and potentially causing heat damage,” he says. “GHD is a bit more expensive but the quality is worth the price.”




The Tress Press Hair Straightener


It’s difficult to choose which hair tools to bring with you when you’re traveling, but Drybar’s Tress Press straightening iron has a special feature that makes it perfect to pack and go. “The iron features universal voltage for overseas travel without a converter,” says Yasmeen Osman, a hairstylist and colorist on Newbury Street in Boston. “It heats up super quickly and has rounded edges allowing you to easily add curls to your hair.”



Ceramic Hair Straightener


Small but powerful, this mini hair straightener is made of 100 percent ceramic that radiates infrared heat technology to retain the moisture of your strands and prevent damage. “This mini flat iron is my secret weapon for straightening baby hair, curly roots, short hair, and touch ups,” says hair stylist Nicole Martinez. “It comes in a cute little pouch, so it can fit in my purse.”

810x Pro Hair Straightener



Who knew that hair straighteners could vibrate, and that vibrating hair straighteners can add volume! “This 1-inch iron is a ceramic iron and is great for speed and volume because it has plates that vibrate in its makeup,” says Gina Rivera, celebrity hair artist and CEO of Phenix Salons. “It also can heat to 450 degrees in just 30 seconds and comes with a great warranty.”

9Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Hair Straightener

Paul Mitchell Pro


Whether you’re smoothing out strands or creating bouncy beach waves, this flat iron can help you out. “This multipurpose iron has beveled ceramic plates, so it can be used for smoothing or waving hair,” Russo says. “The adjustable heat ensures minimal damage, and Paul Mitchell’s ion technology creates smoothness and shine. Because this iron is rated for professionals, it will be very durable for home use.”

10Classic Nano-Titanium Hair Straightener


According to Russo, this is the best flat iron on the market for stubborn, coarse hair. “Its combination of ceramic heaters and titanium plates creates instant, even heat that is perfect for taming unmanageable hair,” she says. “Negative ions seal the hair cuticle for smoothness and shine, and the fully digital temperature settings let you customize your flat iron to deliver the most heat with the least damage to your hair.”

11Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener


This hair straightener combines tourmaline ceramic with even heat distribution to de-frizz waves and course textures. “It’s great for thick and curly hair and the price point is great for the general consumer,” Rivera says. “This iron glides through the hair and even at high degrees, which I don’t necessarily recommend using, thicker course hair doesn’t seem to burn.”

12Engineering CTC Technology Professional Hair Straightener


The tourmaline plates of this 1-in. straight iron help eliminate frizz gently to avoid damaging your strands, says Villanueva. “The plates glide nicely through without catching,” she adds. “It is great on highly textured hair, but also gentle enough for use on desensitized hair.”