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Hairbrained – The “Not to Do” Salon List by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

We all expect our hairstylist and beauty experts to advise us on what we should be doing with our beautiful locks. This is part of what we are paying for when we obtain professional services. However, it’s equally important to be advised on what “not to do”.

Here’s a few items to take note of and consider. To start, it’s easy to get use to a specific look and never want to make a change. After all, styling becomes as easy as riding a bike and it’s very comfortable to see yourself in the mirror each day. However, most looks, while they may return from time to time, have a season.

The look a person wears while in their twenties may look great at that time, but there may be a better style for their thirties. Along with styles, hair texture, as well as thickness and luster, can change with time. Make sure to consider this. It doesn’t mean that you have to go for your mother’s haircut just because you hit a certain age. The idea is to keep your look fresh no matter what age.

Another mistake people make is selecting a look strictly based on convenience. While having a low maintenance style can be great, picking a style based on this method is not always the right decision. Equally important is ensuring your look is flattering and fitting for your lifestyle as well as your career if you’re in the workplace.

While trying something new is recommended, if you have worn the same hairstyle for more than a decade, you may want to take a slower approach at change. This means don’t begin with something so extreme that you will immediately want to return to your past style. It’s easy to make changes gradually that allow for an adjustment period. Make sure to consider how you adjust to change as this will play a role when you are changing your look.

Next, don’t try to make your hair be something that it’s not. Not every hairstyle works well for every hair type. Those that try to force their hair to perform in a way it’s not meant to often end up drying their hair out by over styling it. This can leave the hair dull and lifeless. Check out new styles that are working well for others that have your hair texture. If you’re uncertain, ask a professional to advise you.

Finally, just because something is trending doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. The key to creating a great look is embracing your own attributes. If you have curly hair, selecting a style that celebrate curls is the route to go. Likewise, if you have straight hair you may want to go for a look that emphasizes shine.

The key is to embrace your uniqueness and enjoy the stage that you are at! Once you can do this, you’re sure to select a great style.