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Hairbrained – VMA Styles Shine by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Music and beauty were the perfect mix at this year’s Video Music Awards. The music performances were fabulous as always. And, along with the music came the incredible looks of our favorite song birds and musicians.

If there was a theme that seemed to rule the night when it came to hairstyles, long length was prevalent. Some wore it in braids, while others wore it loose, curly, straight or slightly pulled back. And, one thing is for certain, everyone looked amazing. Even many of the male performers selected length rather than the close cuts that we have seen in the past.

It’s only right to begin with the Vanguard Award winner, Jennifer Lopez. She looked stunning wearing more length than we have seen her wear in the past. Her extra-long locks were loose and straight with a sun kissed balayage that was warm and gorgeous.

Ariana Grande followed suit with JLo. She departed from her signature high ponytail and instead wore her hair with more length than ever. Her hair looked terrific; long, very straight and sleek.

Camila Cabello was darling. Camila selected to wear bangs with her sides slightly pulled up. She finished the look by wearing the back of her hair in natural long waves. The Childish Gambino choreographer, Sherri Silver, also wore her hair with large curls flowing to her waist. The styles didn’t disappoint.

There were a few that strayed from the long hair. The “Best New Artist”, Cardi B, was striking with a cool, slick, pixie cut. Also, captivating viewers was Madonna with her unique braids. It was a gorgeous look that was slightly reminiscent of the 80’s popstar Boy George. Nicki Minaj engaged us as always with her blonde bob. This is a star that definitely has coined her own style and it’s working for her.

The gentleman followed suit with the ladies by leaving the close cuts behind and opting for longer lengths. Shawn Mendes looked smashing with his loose, soft, curls that fell gently and naturally. Latin singer, Maluma, even went longer with his shoulder length waves falling softly to the top of his shoulders.

Some of the gents selected tighter sides but opted for length on top. Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco wore a savvy Pompadour with a long side swiped crown and tighter sides. Ryan Teddy also selected to wear a very tight cut on the sides with gorgeous length on the top. These were really great looks for the guys. Still casual but stylish for the occasion.

That’s a wrap VMA’s. See you next year.