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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Spring is in the Hair

Sherrie Wilson

Spring is always such a great time of year. It’s a time for renewal and a change of season. This is the trend from the weather to fashion. This year, I am noticing a lot of emphasis on color as the season’s change.

We’re already beginning to see the blondes. They’re showing up in simple highlights that are mixed in to existing shades of brown and blonde as well as in full headed blondes that catch the eye. Either way, it’s certainly an indicator that spring is on its way.

I have also noticed at some of the red carpet events that shades of yellow are beginning to take the stage. While this may not be the style for everyone, some people are able to pull it off with class and style. It can really look smashing if done well. Some are selecting an all over yellow color, while others are injecting just a trace. This is such a very fun and spirited look. I just love it.

Much like we are seeing blondes and yellows, we are also seeing lighter shades of some of our dramatic colors such as the purples and the blues. It’s this time of year that it’s easy to change that deep purple to lavender and the midnight blue to blue with a turquoise hue.

One of our go to colors, brunette, is becoming one of the biggest trends of the season. We are witnessing lighter shades. Warm lattes and softer browns resembling carmel. Really beautiful shades that provide the perfect transition from your winter look.

Sunnier shades of reds are also becoming prevalent. Those deep reds are still gorgeous but reds that are slightly lighter are taking the stage and even reds that are sun kissed with gorgeous gold and blonde highlights.

Springtime is more than a time for spring cleaning, think rejuvenation! Think new start. It’s time to welcome change and prepare for summer. Maybe it’s your time to try one of the beautiful new hair colors that are trending due to their beauty and warmth.

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