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Hairbrained – GRAMMYs A SHADE ABOVE by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

There are always surprises on the red carpet and I loved the ones that I saw when I attended the GRAMMYs last weekend.

Let’s start with Katy Perry. She has worn just about every hair shade that you can think of from brown to shades of purple, blue, and even green. Even more intriguing is how she has manages to look stunning in every shade. However, just when we thought Katy had mastered all the looks, she surprised me again with her blonde textured Bob. Talk about rockin’ as she performed at the GRAMMYs.

While blonde may have depicted Katy’s look, yellow was definitely the color for Josh Dun. While, granted, a lot of us could not pull off wearing yellow hair, he looked great.  Betsey Johnson also fell in line with a peek-a-boo of yellow. I thought this was a really playful and an extra fun look for her.

Also in the club of multiple shades was Kaya Jones who rocked a lighter shade of purple. For me this signified that spring was present. We saw this throughout the evening. I guess you could say spring was in the air as well as in the hair.  One of our favorites, Adele, joined in with her lightened up her shade.

Jennifer Lopez always looks amazing in her own beautiful color which I refer to as Latte.  Likewise, Rhianna was her normal fabulous self. She was wearing what I believe will be trending hard this spring; warm browns. Warmer shades of reds were also prevalent as we saw with Michelle Pesce.  I guarantee you that both shades of brown and red will prevail during the next few months and possibly beyond.

Andra Day looked beautiful as always. For her, hair accessories are an art. She has such a wonderful way of demonstrating that they never go out of style and contrary, go a long way in creating a look.  Elle King and Joy Villa followed suit emphasizing this as well with their stunning looks.

Solange Knowles embraced her beautiful curls which, as you know, I always love. And who was my biggest eye catcher?  It would have to be CeeLo Green, no need to explain this one if you watched! So, any guesses on who will surprise us at the OSCARS? We’ll see!