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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Perfect Look for Mother of the Bride

Sherrie Wilson

Weddings are approaching and it’s often easy to spend all of our time and energy on the look of the bride. However, let’s not forget one of the most important attendees at the affair, the Mother of the Bride.

We all picture the mother of the bride working hard on behind the scenes wedding preparation. Naturally, it’s easy to forget that this is also one of the biggest days of their life. So, how do we help Mom get the stunning look that she deserves? Granted, she is already thinking about both her dress and her hair as well as how many guest she must seat and how large the cake should be.

First, as I always recommend for important events, start off by making an appointment for Mom to consult with her stylist. Have her go into the appointment prepared to discuss some ideas that she may have for the big day.

Maybe, frill and glitz isn’t her style and she prefers to maintain her look. A lot of times people believe that if they have short hair, they have limited alternatives. Under this circumstance, I recommend going with their current look but dressing it up for the occasion. There are a lot of really gorgeous hair accessories on the market that can be used for any style of hair regardless of length. This includes headbands with bling, beautiful and ornate clips, and so many other items. As a stylist, you may want to keep some sample accessories available so that if you know you are going to do a consultation, the client has the ability to look at them and try them on.

Another tip is to plan out all appointments in advance. This is especially crucial if Mom is having a color service performed. This is important for two reasons. First, the color will be nice and fresh for the big day. Next, you want to make sure that Mom likes the color. For Mom, if you fail to make an appointment, time can get away with the busy planning and you may risk the stylist being booked. Keep in mind that planning is key.

My final piece of advice is to avoid doing anything highly drastic and new right before the big day. If Mom is thinking about doing something different with her hair, such as trying a completely different cut or color from what she currently wears, I would recommend that she hold off or attempts the new look at least one month prior. This way she will know well in advance if it’s definitely the look for her.

Happy Wedding Season to all!

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