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Hairbrained – Prepare for Beautiful Baby and Beautiful Hair by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

“My hair feels so soft and amazing”. This is one comment that I have heard a lot from my pregnant clients while working behind the chair. They are always surprised at how good their hair feels while they are going through their pregnancy.

I must agree, I felt this way about my own hair while I was pregnant. Some may think that this is just nature doing its thing. However, most of us take some type of a prenatal vitamin while being pregnant. Typically these vitamins are packed with many nutrients designed to benefit our growing bundle of joy. The great thing is that these nutrients also benefit our hair. So, if you are looking to maintain great hair while you’re pregnant then make sure you are on a good prenatal vitamin that is approved by your physician.

One of the items that you can typically rely on with a prenatal vitamins is an increase in Vitamin B.  As I always say, the hair thrives on good care and it needs vitamins as well, especially vitamin B12. Without proper vitamins and care, the hair can easily break down, split, lose its shine and at worst, fall out. No one wants that!

Using a good hair product when you’re pregnant is important as well. Recently when I designed my BioGen Complex wet line by GIna, I met with experts to help me to create just the right formula that would increase shine, improve growth rates and maintain long term hair health. One item that was clearly identified up front was the need to supply the hair with the correct and proper doses of vitamins. My focus was to create a line that was like giving the hair a super multi-vitamin. This is important regardless of if you are pregnant or not.

Another item to consider while you are pregnant is a good style.  A good style means that you can work with it easily and that it doesn’t require hours of work. Minimal styling helps to maintain hair health as well.  I also recommend having very good professional tools utilizing infrared technology like my Tools by Gina line. This line is known for locking the moisture in and contributing to healthier hair. First and foremost, remember that a good style is versatile meaning you can easily pull it back or place it in a cute top knot or a braid if it’s longer hair. Hair that can easily be thrown in a hat is always a plus as well.

Don’t forget that when you are pregnant your body is going through changes and so will your hair. So, always consult with your salon professional on any major changes that you’re considering while pregnant. Hormones may play a factor in your hair and your stylist is knowledgeable and will be able to advise you on chemical treatments and other services. Now get a quick nap…you’re going to need it for the fun days ahead!