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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Optimizing Spring by Organizing

Sherrie Wilson

Spring is just around the corner and soon it will be knocking on our door. This means it’s that time of year again. You know the time that I am referring to, time for spring cleaning and freshening up your work space.

So often we get going just prior to the holidays and before we know it we have seen all kinds of clients and completed all kinds of services without having a moment to take a look at our work area and the items that we use daily.

March offers a perfect time to usher out the old and bring in the new. It’s just before the whirlwind of clients that are attending graduation, proms, reunions and weddings. So now is the time to look at the tools of the trade and make sure they are in tip top shape.

Shears are the most obvious item that you need to ensure are in good condition. This means, sharp, in good shape and clean. Depending on the wear, you may need to replace them. While this can be a pricey item, it’s also very likely the most important item in your tool drawer. Think of it this way, a race car driver wouldn’t get on the track in a jalopy, and either should you. Good shears can make the difference between a good haircut or a poor haircut. And remember, you always want your clients to leave with the best that you have to offer.

Another item that we often overlook is towels. Small details like torn and faded towels can make a salon feel unkempt. So, take a little time and make sure to look through your towel stack. Donate or toss out the ones that are old. This one little detail can make a big difference in terms of appearance. This freshening up point is important.

There are also our daily “go to” items. I am talking about our brushes, combs, picks and water bottles. All of these items have a lifespan and once they have been reached, they need to be replaced. Yes, cleaning is important but you give up the ability to style to your full potential when these simple items have seen better days. Additionally, when these items get worn out it shows and it gives the client the wrong impression.

Then there are our hot tools meaning curling irons, curling wands, flat irons, curling brushes and blow dryers. These items typically have a longer life span, however, they are often exposed to multiple products as well as multiple clients and they need proper maintenance. This is important from a cleanliness and a performance perspective. Tools can be especially pricey so if replacement is required, I recommend replacing one item at a time. Perhaps purchase one this month and wait until the following month to replace another.

Finally, there is that task that most of us don’t particularly enjoy but is an absolute necessity, deep clean your work space. This means not just sweeping the floors but mopping them thoroughly. It’s funny how hair can creep into everything in a salon and it can be easily missed. Get behind things, clean out the corners, take vent covers off and wash them thoroughly with soap and water. If you have vents, now may be the time to have someone come out and professionally clean them as well. Same goes for light fixtures, clean them with soap and water if possible. Clean underneath sinks and in drawers. Get rid of the clutter, like old magazines or products that have sat in your cabinet without being used. You get the idea.

I always feel like I am much more clear headed once my workspace is in shape; and I am sure you will to. So, time to clean your space and clear your mind. Have a wonderful spring!

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