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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Men Shine at Oscars

Sherrie Wilson

The awards are unquestionably eye catching, and the women definitely beautiful, but when it comes to masterpieces the man new what it meant to be maestros at this year’s OSCARS. From the immaculately groomed to the loose and tussled, these guys showed they understood style equally as well as their female red carpet goers.

One of our gents who certainly knows how to make a loose style work for an event is Dev Patel. He continues to “bring it” with his dark wavy shoulder length hair. His style has a surfer feel to it and it looks terrific. Even better, it was fun to witness him as he embraced his look.

Justin Timberlake looked incredible as well. Timberlake was his own man sporting a tight crew cut reminiscent of our men in uniform. Though the style was similar to what we’ve seen Timberlake wear before, the change in length made it a dramatic new look for him.

Ryan Gosslin proved that being clean shaven isn’t always in. His light facial stubble actually made him appear refined and even, distinguished, especially paired with his slicked back hair. Riz Ahmed followed suit with a light afternoon shadow that was combined with his perfectly groomed dark locks.

Facial hair continued to trend throughout the evening. We saw this with Casey Affleck, Jeff Bridges and Jamie Dornan. These fellas all wore a bit longer beards and they did it with flair. Each possessed their own look, some beards were highly groomed while others were free flowing.

We can never avoid the boy next door and that’s a look that we can rely on John Legend for. He was clean cut with well­ groomed hair and very little facial hair. He radiates confidence and never distracts from his assets.

Warren Beatty and Mel Gibson showed us that men can look great with salt and pepper hair. There’s definitely a reason why the term “silver fox” developed. These two illustrated that shades of silver are nothing to turn your nose up at. They wore it with class and elegance.

Nice work, gentlemen! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

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