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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Natural Looks for Holiday Season

Sherrie Wilson

Holiday parties are just beginning and this year it should be easier than ever when getting ready. Natural styles are trending. The more natural, the better. I really love how beautifully simplistic the hair styles are right now. Most are very close to what you would wear every day.

The styles are soft and subtle. From hair with waves that are naturally curly, and left to be, to hair that is pulled up in a top knot. Not to mention, a low-lying bun or ponytail.

However, sometimes we want to add that extra touch to our style. We are looking to dress it up for a night out which can be fun as well. Here are some simple ways to add that extra bit of surprise that will keep you feeling fresh, festive, and stylish.

For short hair, depending on its length, you can add a soft curl by using a curling-iron, flat iron, or a soft finger wave. I like to use the Tools by Gina line when creating waves and curls because the tools utilize infrared technology that locks the moisture in making for a gorgeous finished look complete with shine. Once curled, you can finish off your look with a pretty head band, a clip, or blinged out bobby pins that will add an extra a bit of sparkle.

Braids always have a festive, and even dressy feeling at times, to them. For example, a soft French braid is always a classic look. It can be one big braid or two braids on each side. You can also select just a small section of hair to braid as an accent. For a soft looking alternative, you can braid the hair and then gently pull it apart without pulling it all the way out.

To read in the Huffington Post:

Low lying ponytails and side ponytails are also great. Plus, they never seem to go out of style. As some options, you can wrap your ponytail holder with a section of hair to hide the hair band. You can leave a ponytail smooth and straight or you can braid, fish tail or twist the hair. You can also accessorize with your favorite color of ribbon and intertwine it into the braid or twist or wrap the ponytail.

Some hair up and some hair down is also a great look. With this look you can incorporate just about anything from taking a front section of hair and pulling it back away from the face into top knot to simply clipping with a barret. Then, just leave the remaining hair down and wear it straight or curl it. Whatever you wish.

Another option is to take a section of hair from just behind the ear and French braid it. Then, pull to the other side of the head leaving some hair pulled out around the face. Use pins to hold the braid in place, you now have utilized your own hair to act as a headband which can be a really stunning look.

If you prefer to wear your hair down, perhaps try a new part or curls. You can part down the middle or try out a deep side part. Next, you can add in subtle waves or even tighter ringlets. The key is to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try new things. After all, the season will be over in no time! Happy Styling and Happy Holidays!