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Hairbrained – Summer Hair for Kiddos by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Summer is in full swing! We are all busy with traveling, hiking, biking, swimming and just being outside. While this is always a fun time of year, we all realize the sun can take its toll on adult hair but it can also take its toll on the kids hair.

So, here’s a few tips for keeping our little ones looking great. First, make sure to use a professional product for kids. Keep in mind they are still growing and maturing and so is their hair.  We want to ensure that we set the foundation for great adult hair.

It’s very important that children maintain a healthy scalp as well. Always make sure that your child is scrubbing their scalp and not just creating suds when they wash their hair.  This is important because dirt and sweat can build up and clog the pores.

Likewise, if your child fails to use shampoo to clean their scalp, it can lead to problems with their hair follicle. Remind your child that they must gently scrub their scalp. It’s important to teach children how to correctly wash their hair. It’s equally important that your child is rinsing all the shampoo out of their hair. If they’re not rinsing completely, a residue can build up on their scalp overtime which creates a dry itchy scalp and can lead to other problems.

Another big item in the summer is the effect of chlorine on hair.  Kids who are swimming should run conditioner through damp hair before they get into the pool. This will make it more difficult for the chlorine to fully penetrate the hair.  It’s also important to shower directly after swimming using shampoo and conditioner.

I also recommend doing a Baking Soda rinse. This is my favorite. It’s simple and effective. You can also use a clarifying shampoo. This should be done immediately after getting out of the water as it will keep the hair nice and clean. It will also prevent the chlorine from building up over time. This can also be effective if you are swimming in the ocean as salt water can also take a toll on the hair.

Next, try to refrain from putting any hair ties in your child’s hair while it’s wet.  Hair can be vulnerable when its wet so it needs to be handled gently. This is especially true if the hair is long. So, be conscious when pulling hair back into a ponytail. Make sure you don’t pull the hair to tight. If you must tie up the hair, use a good hair tie to minimize breakage .

Additionally, it’s important for our kids to use care when brushing their hair. A good professional wide tooth comb is a good choice for this. Teach the kids to always start from the ends of their hair and work their way up to the roots.  This method will help to prevent pulling too hard on the hair and also will eliminate more tangling.

Finally, make sure to do a deep conditioner from time to time on your child’s hair. This will build hair strength. Try to refrain from any over the counter lightening products as this can be very damaging to the hair and well. And, whenever you can, throw a cute hat on your child for even more protection. Enjoy your summer and have fun with the kids!