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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Versatility Is The Name of The Summer Game

Sherrie Wilson

Here we are, full steam ahead into the summer. A lot of us are either on vacation or heading out for one soon. We are spending more time outside with summer activities and want to spend less time inside.

One item that you can be sure of is that, inside or out, you still want to look your best. So, how can you ensure that you maintain a great look while avoiding spending valuable outdoor time in front of the bathroom mirror? After all, most of us simply don’t want to mess with our hair very much in the summer, we’re on vacation.

This is the opportune time to get with your stylist and come up with a great low maintenance style like a BOB. This is a style that you can spruce up and straighten and look equally terrific if you let it air dry, especially if you have a bit of wave.

Favorites for summer, like the Bob, are always those styles that you can wash and wear. If you’re lucky and you happen to have natural wave, then make it work for you. Waves make it easy to go to the beach and fit right in wearing your hair wet or tossled. The best thing about these kinds of styles is that once you leave the beach you can dress them up for a nice dinner out. Transformation to a straighter sleek evening look simply requires the right products and a blow dryer.

Versatile cuts that you can wear in many different ways, without a lot of work, are definitely what summer is all about. If you select a longer style, your stylist will have many creative ideas for ways that you can pull your hair back into a quick ponytail, braid, headband or even clip in extensions. The options are endless.

As an add on, consider a few face framing baby highlights. This is a good way to give your hair a sun kissed look without a lot of up keep and maintenance.

Summer can also be a time for change. If you have been flirting with cutting your hair into a short Pixie then you definitely will cut down on your maintenance time. Short hair can be extremely easy and it can also be cool, fun and edgy working perfectly for the season.

No matter what look you settle on, don’t forget to protect your hair from the sun whenever you can. This will help to reduce color fading and contribute to the overall health of your hair. Now get outside and have some fun, you’re on vacation!

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