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Hairbrained – OSCARS Dazzle With Style by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

The OSCARS have once again dazzled us and departed. This year the ambiance and circumstance certainly maintained its standard with inspiring looks and trend setters that wowed us.

Jessica Biel was absolute perfection. Her softly shaded brunette hair was parted in the center and completed with an elegant bun that was positioned just a tad off center. Very feminine and classy.

Emma Stone definitely emulated that she was there to take the OSCAR. Her look had everything that Hollywood is made of with soft waves that were reminiscent of starlets from the golden days of Hollywood. She finished her look by neatly tucking one side behind her ear which worked to show off her beautiful jewelry.

If Emma Stone was old Hollywood, Michelle Williams’s hairstyle offered us a taste of modern sophistication with her sheik ultra-light pixie. The look was ideal for her bone structure, and worked to show off her beautiful features.

A high point for the evening was definitely Halle Berry who stepped away from her normal pixie and adorned a very natural, curly, robust style. It was simply fantastic, and there wasn’t a person in the room that could take their eyes of off her when she graced the stage. If big hair is in the picture, Halle showed us that it could be done well.

The men also had their share of great looks. Justine Timberlake sported a higher, tighter cut than normal which looked super. Dev demonstrated that loose and long locks are cool while Leonardo DiCaprio was the epitome of refinement with his slicked back hair.

Facial hair is also still trending with the gentlemen. We saw everything from the light stubble that Ryan Goslin and Riz Ahmed wore to the full beards that we witnessed on Casey Affleck and Jamie Dornan.

When it comes to hair and style, you can count on the event being one of the best of the year. But for now, that’s a wrap OSCARS, we’ll see you next year!