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The Big Gift: Tools by Gina, New Tech and Professional Quality for Our Salons and Clients, by Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder And Beauty Expert

Sherrie Wilson

It is so exciting to bring these new infrared salon tools to the industry and, if initial reviews are any indication, they are going to be a huge hit!
I am proud to put my name on them, Tools by Gina.

Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Beauty Expert, introduces Tools by Gina.

Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Beauty Expert, introduces Tools by Gina.

First of all, these are top-quality professional-grade instruments. They are designed for long hours of reliable top performance in busy salons. These are NOT off-the-shelf tools from a discount department store. Cheap tools have a place in the market but not in salons.
Also know this, you will find special pricing for Phenix Salon professionals. Tools by Gina are designed for YOU to use in your salons AND for you to resell to your clients. Included are the essentials: a flatiron, a curling iron, a clip-less curling iron and a blow dryer, just in time for Christmas!
To learn more and purchase, go to Tools by Gina under Product Type at, or contact Angie Birchler at or 719.785.4858.
What we believe is that if you love these tools, your clients will love them, too. That way, the tools sell themselves.
In addition to fantastic quality, what you’ll find in Tools by Gina is an ingenious infrared design that helps to keep hair safe and burn-free while you turn up the heat for fast, lustrous results.
Here are some of the comments we’ve heard about these products:
“I’ve used different straighteners for hundreds of clients, and they have never asked me before if they could buy one after the first styling!”
“These irons visibly smooth curly, frizzy and textured hair better than other irons.”
“One client, who has never been interested in straight hair, was impressed by how quickly I could smooth her hair and inquired about buying one immediately. There was absolutely no burning or smoking, just the product steaming off with no order.”
Before I started Phenix, I was a hairstylist, and I am a hairstylist still. I love styling hair. These tools are excellent and there was no point in going with anything less. This all gets back to our foundational Phenix philosophy that if we put the salon professionals first, if we work to make you successful, we all win. The line of Tools by Gina was developed with that goal in mind. I hope you will try them, and I am confident that they will exceed your expectations.