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Look Who’s There! A Dream Comes True from ‘Undercover Boss’

Sherrie Wilson

No one ever said that a dream-come-true would be easy.
Jade Guevara just finished her first mid-term exams at law school on the road to fulfilling a lifetime dream. Not long ago, her mom, G. Elizondo wondered how she could make it it all possible. She knew that somehow it it would happen but the path was shrouded in uncertainty.

Jade Guevara, arrives at law school with help from Phenix.

Jade Guevara, arrives at law school with help from Phenix.

Then ‘Ashley’ arrived in Elizondo’s nail salon at a Phenix Salon Suites in Las Vegas. Ashley, we now know, was Phenix Founder and President Gina Rivera in disguise for the CBS hit reality series, “Undercover Boss.”
Elizondo was one of several professionals to share an inspiring story of how she overcame adversity, the sudden loss of her mother and near-death injuries suffered by a sister in a hit-and-run auto collision on a trip to visit her in Las Vegas from the East Coast.
In the famous reveal at the end of the show, Gina told Elizondo that Phenix would pay for her daughter, Jade, to attend law school. That was a turning point in the family’s life.
Jade started school at William Mitchell College of Law last month. “I moved all the way from Las Vegas to Saint Paul, Minnesota! I absolutely love my new home and my school is wonderful!” she said. Beyond the classroom, Jade has involved herself in a variety of campus programs including Women’s Law, the Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association, Mitchell Mentors and the Ambassadors Program.
“Law school, so far, has been laborious but that was expected,” she said. “I feel I’m actually grasping concepts very well.”
“What an amazing young woman,” said Rivera. “It is such an honor to help her dear mother and such a thrill to watch Jade pursue this dream. I am so happy for them and so proud that Phenix was able to help.”