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Hollywood Florida

3251 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 447
Hollywood,   Florida  33021

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Phenix Salon professionals are living the dream of owning their own salon, so you can bet they're excited about their work and motivated to provide the best service available. And because your stylist works for herself, no one but you is telling her what to do. There are no tyrannical salon bosses ordering her to push a product or service.

On the Cutting Edge

Supported by the Phenix Salon family, your stylist has access to FREE professional training by our Phenix National Education Team. That's another reason stylists chose Phenix, so they stay current on the latest techniques. They also have access to a superior line of luscious hair colors through Phenix and an exclusive selection of Phenix hair and skin care products. And wait till you see the 2015 Phenix Hair Collection, created by our International Artistic Team of Phenix stylists. This is the place.

Salon Professionals

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Suite #101
Dominican Style Salon
Rossana del Rosario
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, Ethnic hair
Phone: 954-665-1655
Suite #102
Es En Style
Sabrina Navarro
Phone: 954-224-9356
Suite #103
Precious Barnes
Phone: 954-478-1303
Suite #104
Karen Faria and Patricia Biaggi
Karen Faria and Patricia Biaggi
Services/Specialties: ,
Suite #105
Brows & Beyond By Jen, LLC
Jeneury Ortiz
Phone: 786-291-2034
Suite #106
Brow Obsession
Nibeela Sohail
Services/Specialties: Eyebrow Threading
Phone: 9545318369
Suite #107
Hair Intuitions
Lyrette Brown
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, Special occasion
Phone: 901-649-1868
Suite #108
3 Needle Salon
Tiana Telemaque
Services/Specialties: color, Hair extensions, Ethnic hair, Braid Out, Loc Extensions, Protective Styles, Weaving, Wigs Installation, Crochet Weaves, Crochet Braids
Phone: 954-404-2981
Suite #109
PMU By Lana
Svetlana Kim
Services/Specialties: Permanent Makeup
Phone: 954-544-8530
Suite #110
Hollywood 10
Devon Weaver
Services/Specialties: Head Shaves, fades, Razor Fades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 305-924-0281
Suite #111
Mauve Beauty
Ashley Cooper
Services/Specialties: Hair extensions, Hair braiding, Ethnic hair
Phone: 786-438-6641
Suite #112
Cutz By Jay LLC
Jerick Edmonds
Phone: 954-245-6021
Suite #113
Bodilicious Body Contour
Marsha McRae
Phone: 786-224-4451
Suite #114
Beauty on the Beat
Daneesha Bell
Services/Specialties: facials, Chemical Peel, microdermabrasion, waxing, acne, swedish, Deep Tissue, Makeup Artist
Phone: 954-399-1463
Suite #115
Muy Bella Styles LLC/ Rays BeatBox LLC
Bella Rashay/ Rachelle Rene
Services/Specialties: Hair braiding, Twist Out, Braid Out, Loc Maintenance, Loc Extensions, Protective Styles, Interlocks, Makeup Artist
Phone: 305-896-1302
Suite #116
Carli Angela Aesthetics
Carli Plumeri
Phone: 585-737-7993
Suite #117
Nirva Simon
Services/Specialties: Braid Out, Crochet Braids
Phone: 786-661-8166
Suite #118
Katia Fillmore
Katia Fillmore
Phone: 754-777-0521
Suite #119
Get Beauty Marked
Sharell Lewis
Services/Specialties: Body Wraps, waxing
Phone: 305-465-7120
Suite #120
Sheneka Regis
Sheneka Regis
Phone: 754-703-8866
Suite #121
Adriana Britto Studio
Adriana Britto
Services/Specialties: manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 954-439-0120
Suite #122
Beelay Hair Design®
Tyler Fenix
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, Corrective color, balayage, Blowouts, Wash & Flatiron
Phone: 954-304-3297
Suite #123
Tyisha Saillant
Tyisha Saillant
Services/Specialties: waxing, Microneedling, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, tattoos, Henna tattooing, Makeup Artist, v-steaming
Phone: 786-999-3188
Suite #124
Candace St. Louis
Services/Specialties: Hair extensions, Special occasion, Ethnic hair, Blowouts, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Dry Curl, Press & Curl, Protective Styles, Weaving, Wigs Installation, Microlocs
Phone: 786-672-8029
Suite #125
Maria Duran
Services/Specialties: ,
Phone: 321-438-4218
Suite #126
Donella Livingston
Donella Livingston
Phone: 786-344-5069
Suite #127
Raw Hair Lounge
Rachel Williams
Phone: 954-261-0882
Suite #128
The Hair Temple
Markeisa Houston
Services/Specialties: Hair extensions, relaxer, Ethnic hair, Weaving, Wigs Installation
Phone: 754-217-1212
Suite #129
Claudia Rosario
Claudia Rosario
Phone: 786-419-0841
Suite #130
Massage Bright
Sabine Boyer
Phone: 7864079284
Suite #131
Complete Massage LLC
Sheryll Walks
Services/Specialties: Deep Tissue, reflexology, Sports Therapy, Hot Stone, couples, Prenatal, Trigger Point Therapy, cupping
Phone: 954-260-7752
Suite #132
The Chella Collection
Raichella Turner
Services/Specialties: Makeup Artist
Suite #133
Takia Walker
Takia Walker
Phone: 786- 492-2444
Suite #134
Theodora Neema Vieux
Theodora Neema Vieux
Suite #135
Nails Renee
Renee Brown
Phone: 954-279-6954
Suite #137
Mercedez Campbell
Services/Specialties: facials, Chemical Peel, Fractional Dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, waxing, acne, Chemical Free Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Teen, Dermaplane, LED Therapy, Microcurrent, Microneedling, Rezenerate, Ultrasonic, HighFrequency, Cavitation, Oncology Esthetics, Microblading
Phone: 305-990-4587
Suite #138
Lifesource Wellness massage
Anatalie Whitton
Services/Specialties: swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone
Phone: 754-400-1103
Suite #139
The Abstract Nails
Tammy Troutman
Services/Specialties: manicures, pedicures, acrylic, rebase, gelnails, overlay, polish, Nail Art & Design
Phone: 786-779-6967
Suite #140
Arch Addix
Shane Smith
Services/Specialties: manicures, rebase
Phone: 404-429-9187
Suite #141
The Art of Massage & Wellness Center
Carolina Cedeno
Services/Specialties: swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Hot Stone
Phone: 347-351-8140
Suite #142
Sugaring by Tasha
Tasha Cambridge
Phone: 702-581-6273
Suite #143
The Mana Makeovers LLC
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, Hair extensions, relaxer, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Weaving, Wigs Installation
Suite #144
Clean Cuts Plus LLC
Jacqueline York
Services/Specialties: color, perm, relaxer, Corrective color, Ethnic hair, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts, Wash & Flatiron, Head Shaves, fades, Razor Fades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 954-496-3743
Suite #145
Samuel Leyes Salazar
Samuel Leyes
Services/Specialties: Head Shaves, fades, Razor Fades, Facial Shaves
Suite #146
Dinah Murdoch
Dinah Murdoch
Phone: 786-213-5825
Suite #147
Ricki Shambora
Services/Specialties: color, Corrective color, balayage, ombre, Blowouts, Wash & Flatiron
Phone: 954-558-5762
Suite #148
Beauty Wise
Scaille Waldroun
Suite #149
Natural Hair ServiExpress
Services/Specialties: Brazilian Treatments, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts, Wash & Flatiron
Phone: 786-585-0141
Suite #150
Over The Edge Hair Salon
Valarie Utter
Services/Specialties: color, Special occasion, Corrective color, Ethnic hair, balayage, ombre, Blowouts, Wash & Flatiron
Phone: 954-439-0120
Suite #151
Lash EF Esthetician
Norma Flores
Services/Specialties: Eyelash Extensions, tanning
Phone: 954-816-7462
Suite #152
Wild Ones Barbershop
Carla Leban
Services/Specialties: color, Head Shaves, fades, Razor Fades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 754-423-7010
Suite #153
Evelyn Ferrer Aesthetics
Evelyn Ferrer
Services/Specialties: facials, swedish, Deep Tissue
Phone: 786-266-8955
Suite #154
Be You Nail Studio
Aliette Grant
Services/Specialties: manicures
Phone: 305-409-7735