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5444 Yolanda Avenue
Tarzana,   California  91356

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Phenix Salon professionals are living the dream of owning their own salon, so you can bet they're excited about their work and motivated to provide the best service available. And because your stylist works for herself, no one but you is telling her what to do. There are no tyrannical salon bosses ordering her to push a product or service.

On the Cutting Edge

Supported by the Phenix Salon family, your stylist has access to FREE professional training by our Phenix National Education Team. That's another reason stylists chose Phenix, so they stay current on the latest techniques. They also have access to a superior line of luscious hair colors through Phenix and an exclusive selection of Phenix hair and skin care products. And wait till you see the 2015 Phenix Hair Collection, created by our International Artistic Team of Phenix stylists. This is the place.

Salon Professionals

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Suite #101
Edge Beauty Studio
Ayanna Mendez
Services/Specialties: Microblading, Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 213-760-2557
Suite #102
Beauty Conscious
Brigitte Oliva
Services/Specialties: manicures, pedicures, gelnails, polish, Nail Art & Design
Phone: 818-471-6156
Suite #102
Beauty Conscious
Nia Johnson
Phone: 818-472-8941
Suite #103
No Colour Lines
Tiffany Haskin
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color
Phone: 323-286-9431
Suite #104
Rapunzel's Fetish Atelier
Gloria Soto
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, perm, Hair extensions, Special occasion, relaxer, Corrective color, balayage, ombre, Blowouts
Phone: 818-915-6006
Suite #105
Michie's Place
Michie Sujishi
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style
Phone: 818-667-5711
Suite #106
Metal Edge Studio
Vanessa Lucero
Services/Specialties: color
Suite #107/108
Boss Hog's Barbershop
Ryan Rosales
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Head Shaves, Facial Shaves
Phone: 805-490-8289
Suite #107/108
J'adore Hair Studio
Wendi Castaneda
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, perm, Special occasion, relaxer, Corrective color
Phone: 818-233-6477
Suite #109
Hair by Maricela
Maricela Reyes
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, perm, Hair extensions, Special occasion, relaxer, Corrective color, Blowouts
Phone: 818-302-9858
Suite #109
Hair by Maricela
Kathy Rahbari
Services/Specialties: color, perm, balayage, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts
Phone: 818-564-5100
Suite #110
Hilda Daniela Campos
Services/Specialties: tanning
Phone: 818-622-2680
Suite #111
Bella's Studio
Isabel Lopez
Services/Specialties: color, Hair extensions
Phone: 818-261-1563
Suite #111
Bella's Studio
Carmen Brown
Phone: 818-370-8703
Suite #112
Rosa's Hair Affair
Rosa Ortega
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color
Phone: 818-259-1714
Suite #113/115
Koti Sanders
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color, Hair extensions, Special occasion, relaxer, Corrective color, Ethnic hair, waxing, Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 818-422-3870
Suite #114
V Spa
Jennifer Cagle
Services/Specialties: v-steaming
Phone: 818-531-3150
Suite #116
Be.You'ty by Char
Charlene Banks
Services/Specialties: Hair extensions, Hair braiding, Ethnic hair
Phone: 551-227-7479
Suite #117
Cali Cougar Body Boutique
Tania Cork
Services/Specialties: , ,
Phone: 818-301-8478
Suite #201
Beauty Hydration
Shelley Lashley, RN
Services/Specialties: botox, Dermal Fillers
Phone: 818-254-8911
Suite #202
Carmina Milian Salon
Carmina Milian
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, color
Phone: 818-486-3720
Suite #203
Brejay Lee
Services/Specialties: Braid Out, Weaving, Wigs Installation
Phone: 213-258-9936
Suite #204
Creative Touch by Vee
Lavonia Howard
Services/Specialties: color, Hair braiding
Phone: 818-834-1324
Suite #205
Shear Agony
Stefani Michel
Services/Specialties: fades
Phone: 8182578165
Suite #206
Script Cuts barber
Francisco Jimenez
Services/Specialties: , Head Shaves, fades, Razor Fades
Phone: 818-489-4328
Suite #207
Queen L'Ash and Brows LLC
Ashley Dunn
Services/Specialties: facials, waxing, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 310-427-5608
Suite #208
Chaz Caprice Artistry, LLC
Chaz Caprice Felder
Phone: 443-882-8893
Suite #209
The Polish Room
Cynthia Ramirez
Phone: 818-403-4367
Suite #210
Eyecandy Beauty Studio
Chinh Le
Services/Specialties: facials, Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 818-403-9685
Suite #210
Eyecandy Beauty Studio
Judy Le
Phone: 818-802-5233
Suite #212
Ruby Duby Glam
Ruby Landeros
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Special occasion, Blowouts, Eyelash Extensions, Makeup Artist
Phone: 818-331-3239
Suite #213
Dornaz M
Services/Specialties: facials, Chemical Peel, acne, Anti-Aging, Teen, HighFrequency
Phone: 818-900-5536
Suite #215 216 and 214
Glow Skin Lab
Charlotte Wilson
Services/Specialties: facials
Phone: 818-697-3516
Suite #217
Le Mode Hair Salon
Jainie Diaz
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Hair extensions, Keratin Treatments, Makeup Artist
Phone: 310-927-0584
Suite #218
Hair Slayer Studio
Tania Marroquin
Phone: 818-927-8044
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