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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Go Easy When Fighting Frizzy Hair

Sherrie Wilson

The heat is on. Just look at your hair.

Either you’ve got frizzy hair or you’re battling it.

• Don’t overdo the styling! This is a problem anytime, but more so when you’re fighting frizzy hair. Let’s say you’re headed out for the evening, going for a loose wave and you’re working with a brush and blow dryer or flatiron. The temptation is to take it all the way, to get ‘the look’ before you step away from the mirror … you’ve gone too far. Stop brushing and styling and use your fingers to loosen and pull out the curl.

• Go low on the temp. Heat is a big contributor to frizz. Especially if it’s already dry and hot out, turn down the temp on your tools.

• Use more hair oils and nourishing professional-quality conditioners.

• Again, brushing and brushing to ‘tame’ your hair is going to make the frizz worse. Take it easy. Try doing some combing and detangling before you shower and condition. Then go with those nourishing oils after you shower.

• Change your hair style. If you’re shooting for a look that is work-intensive, that takes a lot of brushing and blow-drying, it’s time for something different. Consider a more natural look that requires less styling for your daily do.

• Take the shower but skip washing your hair occasionally. Showering washes out dirt but also the oils and moisture that protect your hair from the frizz.

• Consider updos and braids, and resist the urge to perfect the sections with lots of brushing and combing. Keeping the hairs gathered together in braids should protect them from the heat and wind that can cause more frizz.

• Use clips and hair holds that are gentle on your hair.

To summarize, if you’re fighting the frizz, stop! Don’t fight it. Go easy. Go slow. Be gentle. If you’re struggling with a harsh brush to smooth out your hair, you’re making it worse. Nurture your hair. Don’t insist on styles that require lots of heat and brushing. It’s summer … relax.

As always, be open to change.