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Help Your Clients Get Really Clean Hair, by Gina Rivera

Every so often, we need to remind our clients that they should get their hair really clean.
They probably think that’s something they already do. They wash their hair regularly and assume that’s enough, but it probably isn’t. As salon professionals, we know better, and because we get a very close look at their hair, we see the outcome first hand.
The great news is that once you show your clients what’s possible on a regular basis, they will see and feel the difference and have you to thank. Rear view of young female take shower, enjoying sunlight and wat
Your clients need to periodically use a clarifying shampoo that will really wash out all the dirt, oils and chemical buildup, some of which comes from those hair products on their shelf at home. Those products aren’t bad – these are the sprays, gels and even shampoos that we’ve come to love, and for good reason.
Chemicals in the tap water, particularly hard water, and whatever is in our diet, including medications, can also add to buildup on hair, which can leave locks looking dull, limp and greasy, even stiff and crusty feeling. That residue can also have a profound effect on how new treatments, including hair coloring, take hold.
Again, as salon professionals, we know this. And we know what to do about it. Recommend a clarifying shampoo, or suggest a mix of baking soda and water.
Part of the problem for a client may be that she’s gradually ‘accepted’ her hair for what it has become. Maybe she is using a clarifying shampoo but not often enough, or maybe she should try a different clarifying product. If this is a new client sitting in the chair, we don’t have a past reference point. We can certainly deduce from what we see and … See Gina, page 5                        Gina continued … if we find problems, a clarifying wash is a great place to start.
So much of hair care is really about behavior. How you recommend a clarifying wash is a key part of what defines you as a salon professional. I’ve said this before: our business is about relationships. People seek us out for our skill and artistry but our delivery is so, so important.
Be gentle and avoid criticism and negativity. When we talk to clients about a problem, we can stress improvement and solutions. Ask them about their athletic activities – do they swim in pools? What products do they use now and how often. Then you can suggest adding a clarifying product. If this is a longtime client, check your own assumptions at the door. It may be that you need to look at her hair with renewed perspective. What have we missed or forgotten?
Then get ready for the gratitude. Really clean hair is such a beautiful thing and it feels so wonderful and suddenly the products we’ve been using work better, too.
As always, be open to change!