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Hairbrained: What’s Trending in 2019 by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

The New Year is always an exciting time in beauty when we watch for trends and take note of what we’re seeing for the upcoming year. So, what’s trending for 2019? Here’s what I’ve taken note of;

It’s all about the shine in 2019. Having extremely shiny hair is trending across all styles. No longer is the super shine limited to straight and one length hairstyles. Shine is where it’s at for textured looks and all colors of hair this season.

When it comes to styles, texture is in the forefront with lots of layers making it happen. This will be seen in everything from pixie cuts to bobs. Textured cuts tend to allow for a lot of movement, creating a more natural look.

Speaking of pixies and bobs, they aren’t going any place soon. However, the lines of the cuts tend to be straighter. In 2019, we will see more geometric cut that in previous seasons.

Bangs are also very popular this year. From long bangs, to side swept and jagged textured bangs, they’re definitely a top shelf selection for 2019.

There are some new sightings with men’s hair as well. The styles for men are tending will be much longer than what we have seen in recent years. Many of the looks that are surfacing are reminiscent of the 70’s, complete with longer length on the sides as well in the back. Even men’s shorter styles will most likely encompass a longer component with additional length being worn at the crown. Longer length has even crossed over to facial hair as we saw last year. We will continue to see longer beards, and beards in general as a classic style for men, during the seasons ahead.

Now let’s talk color. Pastels are continuing to be mainstream. This year we will see a lot of reds with deep strawberry tones. We’re also seeing the multiple shades of pastels being worn together in one style and we will continue to see this throughout the upcoming year. Additionally, solid more traditional colors will be increasingly popular in 2019.

Move over chunky highlights because soft baby lights are taking main stage. The placement of the baby lights will also change; beginning half way down the hair shaft rather than at the crown. This will allow for a more natural look and require less maintenance for those that love the “lights”. Root smudging and darker roots will remain a style that continues to trend as well. Again, beginning a bit further down the hair shaft than what has been worn in the past.

Watch out 2019, here we come!

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