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Hairbrained: Oscars Never Disappoint When It Comes to Style

Sherrie Wilson

The Oscars, there’s really nothing like them. Each year we look forward to seeing our favorite personalities of the silver screen along with all of the newcomers that make it interesting. This year did not disappoint us when it came to beauty and star-studded styles on the red carpet.

Who could miss the gorgeous, Amandla Stenberg. Her look was sophisticated, yet creative. She took the classic braid and incorporated it into her style by gently pulling her hair back and off of her face. This emphasized her beautiful bone structure. The combination acted as an elegant headdress. It’s wonderful that twists and braids are so easy to incorporate in a graceful manner. They’re a subtle was to spice up any style.

Shangela illustrated how styles and eras can be merged when it comes to today’s beauty trends. Her soft style at the crown, was reminiscent of looks that would have been noticed in the 40’s. However, she finished around the ends with locks that would have likely been seen in the 70’s. The style was flawless, and stated versatility, in every sense. It also demonstrated that utilizing your own look, with added personality, is a great way to go for special occasions.

Diane Warren looked edgy, and terrific, in her Pixie. It was tailored, yet cool. She absolutely radiated with confidence. She pulled the look off magnificently.

Blunt bangs, that just hit the eyebrow, did a great job of enhancing Marie Kondo’s beautiful features. When cut correctly, bangs can really draw the observer’s eyes to an individual’s facial features. This is the reason that it’s always important to consult with a stylist when selecting the best-suited bangs to match the shape of the face. Marie definitely nailed it!

Sandy Powell showed us why it’s always so fun to wear red on the red carpet. The shade and the shine were perfect for Sandy. She definitely wore it well.

If you’re a fan of updos, then Melissa McCarthy certainly would have been the person to look for. She wore a beautiful updo that she glitzed up with some simple hair accessories. These subtle details lent themselves to just the perfect amount of bling for her style. She finished by pulling small tresses of hair out around the face and the nape of the neck. This is a great way to soften an updo by adding an elegant, sexy, surprise.

It’s time to roll up the red carpet, but we surely won’t forget these great looks.

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