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Hairbrained – Have These Items on Hand for a Stylish Holiday by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

You have the invitation in hand so, now, it’s time to decide what to do with your hair. Don’t fret because this season there are all kinds of amazing options to select from.

If sleek and sophisticated is what you’re going for, a straight slicked back mane is a great choice. You can create this by starting off with damp hair. Next, apply a firm hold gel to the front of the hair. Now it’s time to spruce it up by creating a part. You can select anything from a center part to a deep side part depending upon the statement you’d like to make. Finish the look by brushing the hair straight back and securing with Bobby pins directly behind the ear. The remaining hair can be styled straight or scrunched.

A low-lying bun is another trending style to consider. This is a style become a standout with a few simple alterations. For a fun surprise, take a small section of the hair and braid it. You may use a traditional braid or select to create a fish tail which is very popular this season. Complete the look by wrapping the hair you have braided around the bun. This is great for an evening out

Waves are always a classic as well. You can easily add personality to waves by tucking one side back behind the ear. This creates a symmetrical do that you can rely on to be flattering.

And, now that you have the styling nailed, don’t forget that “the devils in the details” and consider adding some accessories. You can take it to the next level in the evening by glamming it up with jewels. Or, you can play it down with subtle additions such as headbands and barrettes. So many options, but that’s for another article.

Have a stylish holiday!

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