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Hairbrained – Hair is an Attitude by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

You’re starring at the mirror and wondering what you did to make it look so different. We have all had those days where our hair doesn’t look quite right. You may even think that you styled it the same as always but somehow it just doesn’t look good.

Often when this happens, we end up feeling like we don’t look our best. This is why there is nothing like getting a fresh hair style. It has a way of making an individual feel like a new person. All of the sudden, they’re fresh, sassy, and ready to take on the world.

Keep in mind, changing your style can also have a positive impact on others. You never know how your new look may be inspiring others to make a change. You could be providing someone with a sense of courage without even knowing it.

Going for a new hairstyle can be very scary but, it can also be life changing. New looks can be extremely uplifting for both you and your client. They are renewing and provide people with a sense of a new start.

I have witnessed clients that were experiencing things like depression, job loss and even divorce who are elevated once they get a new look. Sometimes it may be due to the pampering or the attention they receive. However, other times it may act as an avenue for letting go, even if temporarily. A new style can have that type of power over a person.

Most of all, I’ve noticed that often when a client gets their hair done, they’re excited. All of the sudden there is a smile on their face and they feel beautiful. It truly provides a new sense of confidence for people. It’s very rewarding when you watch someone’s demeanor completely change after they have a new haircut or color.

So, who says Salon Professionals don’t change lives? I beg to differ. Have a great week.

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