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Hairbrained – Golden Globes Show of Style by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

It’s that time of year again, the Awards Shows have arrived. I always really enjoy seeing the performances and waiting with anticipation as they announce the winners. This year’s Golden Globes arrived with all the glamour and glitter that we all love and have grown to expect. However, more than ever, I think seeing what the Hollywood headliners are pairing in terms of clothing and hairstyles is one of the most exciting parts of the show. Especially the hair!

This season is all about the “part”. I am talking mid-parts, side parts, extreme parts…if you can imagine the look, I guarantee you’ll see it. It’s one of those things, from the golden screen to the red carpet, the “part” is taking center stage.

It’s amazing how easily a hairstyle can be changed up just by switching where a part is worn. A perfect example is of this is Reese Witherspoon. We have seen her wear her hair beautifully parted down the center and we have watched her, as at the Golden Globes, display a gorgeous deep side part. Following suit with Reese Witherspoon was the stunning Naomi Harris and the lovely Emma Stone. They all looked striking sporting beautiful side parts that have also been worn by classic starlets of eras gone by.

Then, there was the center part adorned by both Amy Adams and Naomi Campbell. They showed that the center part has the versatility we all love. You can wear it with blue jeans or evening gowns and look equally terrific. Both of these lovelies made this simple look seem far from simple.

The part can also be used to add a bit of spice to your updo or your ponytail. Again, this can be done in an everyday way or for a night out, in a way that you don’t wear every day.

Maybe you just want to leave your hair to hang naturally. Make it fun by switching up the part. There is no right way or wrong way to part your hair, just leave it your imagination. Part it straight, make a zig zag or mix it with a braid…no rules apply!

Now let’s talk men! I loved how handsome they all looked. Take Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield who showed us that longer hair is still trending for men. They both looked very classy, yet edgy. Dew Patel and Justin Timberlake are both always class acts. It’s amazing how Timberlake can look sharp in just about any style he has wears. So next up, the Oscars and I can’t wait to see what styles walk the red carpet.