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Gina Rivera: Something Different? Suggest Braids or a Bun

When a client says, “You know, I want something different, I want something fun for this party, but I don’t know what,” suggest a hairpiece. This is the costume Gina_headshotjewelry of hair! They’re not necessarily supposed to look like your real hair, even though, with the extraordinary quality available, they certainly can play that role.
Really, this is for a client who wants to step through the doors and people say, “Oh, wow!” Add a heavy, braid for that “New Age Retro Renaissance Look” that is gaining in popularity (of course it’s not yours!) and watch the expressions. Or, reach for one of the easy-to-use bun donuts and quickly create something elegant with a touch of retro. Suggest a black, sleeveless dress for that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” look.