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YFS Magazine: When Business Inspiration Strikes at 3 a.m., by Jason Rivera

ImageInspiration can strike at inconvenient times. Lately, for me … at 3 a.m.

I often roll onto my back searching for a quick nod back to sleep, but find myself thinking about work instead. We’ve all been there. The difference between some of us and others is in what we do next, and that may depend on how we feel about our “work.”

I keep a pen and pad next to the bed so that when lightning strikes in the wee hours I can jot down a few notes.

The word “work” is often saddled with some negativity. Probably like you, though, I am passionate, even obsessive, about my work, which is all about my business so, even if I am awake at 3 a.m. preoccupied with a badgering problem, more often than not I enjoy the subject and, regardless, I just can’t resist thinking about it.