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Real Simple | 5 Winter Haircuts That Look Amazing—Even When It’s Freezing Out Featuring Gina Rivera

‘Tis the season…for good hair.

No matter your hair type or texture, there’s no denying that your strands behave differently based on the season. Along with changing up your product protocol, it’s not a bad idea to consider switching up your haircut, too. Ahead, top stylists share five of the best winter hairstyles. Consider these a foolproof way to ensure good hair days all season long.

The Classic Bob

While a bob is a great option year-round, it’s especially choice come winter. There’s no need to worry about your ends getting caught on the collar of your coat or wrapped up in a scarf, not to mention that a bob is quick and easy to style anytime, anywhere, says Gina Rivera, hairstylist and owner of Phenix Salons and By Gina.

While there’s no shortage of ways to wear a bob (versatility for the win), this cut is best for those with fine to medium hair. With thicker hair, your risk ending up with an unflattering, triangular or helmet-like shape, notes Michelle Pasterski, a stylist at Mixed Co. Salon in Chicago. The other important part? “Don’t wimp out on the length,” says Pasterski. “A ‘lob’ doesn’t have all of these same benefits.” A classic Bob should hit about mid-neck.

By Melanie Rud | December 02, 2019

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