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Professional Liability Insurance: Every Beauty Pros Must-Have Tool


It’s a term we hear thrown around daily in our adult or professional lives—a term that we either find ourselves shaking our heads over or praising our lucky stars that we invested in when the time comes.

But, insurance is not a one-size-fits-all word—it doesn’t mean the same thing for every profession.

In fact, there are many different types of insurance out there, and when it comes to the types of insurance you should be investing in as a talented professional in the beauty business who cares deeply for their career, there’s one in particular that should be at the top of your list—professional liability insurance

But, why exactly? What makes this particular insurance different from other types?

Shouldn’t general liability insurance—or even your employer’s insurance—cover you should a claim arise?

Not exactly.

Professional liability insurance is often referred to as “malpractice” insurance. It’s a type of coverage that provides provisions for injuries and other loss events that occur (or are alleged to have occurred) in the process of you providing your service.

Think of it this way—if general liability insurance is “slip and fall” coverage, professional liability insurance is a particular type of insurance that uniquely fits your profession. Meaning, if your hand slips with a curling iron and you accidentally burn a client or if a client claims that you caused any type of accident, you’re covered by your insurance to help make that situation right, protect your name, and safeguard your assets.

What Should Professional Liability Insurance Be

For starters, reliable.

Your insurance should have you back and be a dependable resource that puts your interest first, no questions asked, no matter what, no other agenda in play. It should be your insurance provider’s sole focus to protect you when push comes to shove, when the going gets rough, and when your name (and career) is on the line.

But, that’s not the only thing your professional liability insurance should be. In fact, we think there’s a whole long list of descriptors that should apply to quality liability insurance, especially when it comes to the beauty biz.

Professional liability insurance should be affordable and accessible—AKA you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg annually.

Further, we believe that liability insurance should be focused on the only person who matters—you. When you rely on your employer’s insurance (or don’t invest in liability insurance), when a claim arises, your employer’s insurance is going to cover exactly what it’s supposed to—your employer. But when you invest in dedicated liability insurance of your own, your interests come first—no matter what.

Bonus Benefits of Quality Professional Liability Insurance

So, what can a quality liability insurance really bring to the table? The short answer: if you’re investing in the right type of liability insurance for your profession, a lot.

The full-length answer is a little more detailed.

Not every professional liability insurance is created equal—just like with anything in your line of work (or any line of work, honestly), there’s quality and there’s less-than-quality. The difference here is that the quality of your insurance directly equates to the quality of coverage you’ll have when the going gets rough. That’s why investing in professional liability insurance that checks all the must-have boxes before you need it is key.

The right type of professional liability insurance for the beauty industry will include benefits like:

  • High-quality services for affordable prices (with no hidden fees)—insurance should protect you and your practice above all else, but it shouldn’t price gouge you, either. More expensive doesn’t always mean more coverage, so choose liability insurance that offers you plenty of benefits for a price point that makes sense for you.
  • A multitude of industry-specific services covered—from chemical treatments to esthetic services to microblading and beyond, your professional liability insurance should cover the actual services you offer. That’s why going with an insurance company that’s tailor-made for your industry is key. (spoiler alert, we’ve got coverage for more than 350 beauty and wellness services).
  • Instant coverage, immediate certification—you deserve a policy that doesn’t keep you waiting. Choose coverage that’s ready when you are and won’t keep you running back and forth to the mailbox checking for your certification two weeks after you purchase it.
  • Additional member benefits that don’t cost you a thing—we’re talking industry product and tool discounts, free subscriptions to creative publications, mobile coverage that goes where you go, customizable website tools, bundling packages, and more.
  • Reliable general liability, too—from property damage to slip and fall protection to theft protection or damaged equipment, find liability insurance that’s covering you on all bases.

So, ask yourself—are you covered? If you read through that and feel like something is missing from your beauty professional repertoire—whether you currently have liability insurance or not—we encourage you to step back and take a sec to think about investing in insurance that has your back no matter what.

Ready to learn more? We thought you might be. Reach out to us for questions, quotes, or anything else that’s on your mind—we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got a handful of unique deals for those who partner with a few of our affiliates (like Phenix Salon Suites)—check out the details here.