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November 18, 2018- Tip of the Week with Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Here’s Phenix Founder & President, Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week for dealing with thinning hair:
-Stay aware of the lastest in technology and research.

-Use tools with Nano Smart Infrared Technology that are designed to generate hair health. The tools lock the moisture in the hair and prevent it from being dry and brittle. (Visit )

-Ensure good blood supply to the scalp by eating right, a proper diet, and exercising.

-Take time to massage the scalp each day. This will increase additional blood flow to the hair follicles.

-Get on a schedule for deep conditioning treatments.

-Stay away from over processing

-Select a good product line that is filled with biogen and Vitamin B. I recommend the By Gina BioGen complex wet line. -(Visit