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January 7, 2018- Gina Rivera Tip of the Week

Sherrie Wilson

Here’s my Tip of the Week: Developing a good business character is so important for success in the beauty industry as well as any profession. I believe dependability is pinnacle when it comes to character. Here’s my tips on how to ensure you’re coming across as dependable:

1. Stay on schedule and show up on time!
2. Stand behind your work. (Hint: this means if you make a mistake, you ensure it’s corrected)
3. Know what your brand is and make sure you represent it.
4. Maintain a level of consistency, ie; Relocate only if necessary and make changes only for the purpose of improving your services.
5. Be a reliable source of information in your industry and area of expertise.
6. Be well equipped with the tools of your trade.
7. Always conduct and present yourself as a professional.
8. Maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance.
You’re going to great! Follow these rules and you can depend on it!