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January 6, 2019 – Tip of the Week with Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Here’s Phenix Founder & Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera’s, Tip of the Week for those who have a 2019 New Year’s Resolution to get their hair in shape:
1. Evaluate your current routine with a professional stylist. Don’t forget to include reviewing the products that you are using as well as your style.
2. Develop a calendar that includes: monthly clarifying treatments to remove residue from products and environmental factors. (Note: Consider using a baking soda paste.)
3. Make sure to include a weekly deep conditioning treatment on your schedule.
4. Review your weekly cleansing products and ensure they are promoting scalp health. I recommend BioGen Complex by Gina which is like applying a multi-vitamin to the hair.
5. Massage your scalp 5-10 minutes daily to increase blood flow and healthy hair follicles.
6. Turn down the heat. Work to keep the settings on your styling tools lower this year.
7. Commit to using tools with infrared nano smart technology. These are tools that lock in the moisture resulting in a spa like treatment for the hair. Check out the By Gina tool line.
8. Don’t give up. Change takes time but it will be well worth it.