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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Wedding Season Brings Looser Hairstyles

Sherrie Wilson

Wedding season is on the doorstep, close on the heels of prom season, and we’re seeing some of the same styles emerge for these two pinnacle hair events.

These high-end celebrations are so interesting to track because they follow fashion trends and set new ones. What we’ve seen for proms and now for weddings is a looser look in hair. These are still formal events with the tuxedos and gowns, so the hair is still carefully finished. You won’t just pull up your hair on top in a gym bun. Nor will you go for the super tight curls that were popular in recent years.

However, you might go with some loose curls or waves and integrate a braid for some elegant contrast, or go with a twist and some wispy face-framing pieces.

Really, all the hair seems to be loose this season, so instead of the perfect spiral curls, for instance, you might want to go with some very loose, beachy waves and finish with a lovely crown or halo of small, subtle flowers. You might also try a head piece of rhinestones or pearls. Flowers are a great way to add that little bit of extra to a French braid or a twist.

Short hair doesn’t mean that you can’t dress it up. Try using a flatiron to create some soft curls, then finish with a dressy headband. Flowers work beautifully with any length of hair.

Another trend I’m seeing in wedding hair is an asymmetrical style. Try brushing out finger waves for a softer finish. Add a big barrette to one side, a chignon or twist sitting low by the nape. Remember, we’ve seen these styles in recent years in very controlled, complex styles. Now, we’re going with something loose and simpler but still finished.

Setting the twist or chignon to the side and close to the nape gives it that asymmetric look. Pull some pieces out around the face to add some softness and romantic elegance. A simple French braid can become an accessory. Add a ribbon for color and accent in the braid.

For the best results, head to your favorite hairstylist with a gallery of pictures on your phone or clippings from magazines. If you do this at home, start working on styles long before the event, so that you have time to experiment and practice. Make it a party and work with a friend or bridesmaid to get the look you want.

Love change, love the season!