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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Off To College

Sherrie Wilson

It’s hard to believe, half way through the summer, that some of us are already getting ready to take our kids off to college. This is an important time in life and we definitely want them to step out the door with the perfect look as they put their best foot forward.

So, how do we assist with this transition? I recommend scheduling an appointment with a stylist to get our student a good haircut, trim, or color. This should occur a week or so before leaving for school to ensure the look will last and hold until they come home to visit on break.

Keep in mind that male students may need a haircut sooner than fall break, especially if they wear a shorter style. For this situation, I suggest asking your stylist if they are aware of any good salons or stylist in the vicinity of the college that your student will be attending. If they are unfamiliar with the area, I would do some research in order to find a reputable salon in the area.

Next, don’t forget to load your student up with a good professional hair kit of products. This should include brushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner, gel, mousse, and hairspray. Make sure to look for deals, often you can find liter duos of shampoo and conditioner for a great price with a pump that will last them.

Sending your student off with a high quality hair care kit will prevent them from running into the grocery store and buying cheap over the counter products that can be very damaging to the hair. Over the years, I have had several students in my chair that tried to cut corners while at school and the outcome was never good. Remember, good products will help them maintain the great new look that you just paid for and this will save you money in the long run.

Additionally, be proactive about scheduling appointments with your student’s stylist at home that coincide with their school vacations. This is very important if you want to be certain to get on the stylist’s schedule since many college breaks occur around the holiday season. Keep in mind that this is a time when stylist book up fast, so, plan ahead on appointments.

Finally, encourage your student to take care of their hair. Hair is an investment and it’s important to keep it healthy so that it will look great for a long time. Your student should avoid having their roommate do their hair with over the counter bleach, color or other inexpensive products. Make sure they leave this this to their stylist. Remind them that corrective color or a fixer upper upon their return can be very costly.

Now wipe the tears. They’ll do great with that new look and you’ll see them soon.

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