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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Music in the Suite

Sherrie Wilson

Many of us listen in our cars. Others sing along while doing household chores and most people rarely workout without it. Virtually all events uses it as a backdrop. We hear music everywhere from riding in the elevator to shopping at the mall. We play it for parties and for church. The list goes on and on. Music plays a huge role in all aspects of our lives and the beauty industry is no exception.

It’s interesting how music can have a big effect on our moods. We are in a pop culture world, and most of our clientel regardless of their age or background is affected by pop culture and its music at some level.

Music is a great way to lift our spirits and we can certainly utilize it for our benefit in the workplace. It can help to get us into the “zone” to do our best work as artist. Different types of music can be very inspiring.

For me, on days that I am dragging, it serves to gets me going. If I put on something that is upbeat, I automatically gain a little bounce in my step and raise my energy level. It helps me to develop and maintain good energy throughout the day in my suite.

Now, I also know that I must be mindful of the kind of music that I play when I am behind the chair. For example, you may love hard rock but some clients may want to listen to something that is low key, especially if they’ve had a long work week. Other’s may just have a completely different taste in music.

I recommend that you ask your client what kind of music they prefer. Remember, their appointment is about their service and their experience. It’s a smart idea to develop a playlist with several types of genres. This way, you’re prepared for various request. The right music can create the perfect ambiance for your client, meaning that they’ll want to return.

Plus, think of the perks; you have the opportunity to expand your music collection. Remember, you never know what the next tune may be that will bring you inspiration!

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