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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Holiday Accessories

Sherrie Wilson

The holidays have so many facets, however, when it comes to beauty it’s not just about sleigh bells and eggnog. Accessories are all the rage when it comes to putting together the perfect look.

Stylish headbands are always a good place to start with it comes to accessorizing. Most headbands come in a variety of widths. They can be thick or thin, jeweled or simple. The selection is immense. They can also be worn with longer hair as well as shorter hair.

There was a point in time when bobby pins were hidden deep in the hair but not today. Bobby pins are the rage. While they can still be used to pin the hair up in a hidden away, they are far more versatile than they use to be. Today, Bobby Pins can range in colors from black to very light brown and even other colors such as pastels. It’s best to choose a color that is close to your own hair color if you’re looking to hide a pin when styling. However, you also can select a Bobby Pin to draw attention. There are Bobby Pins with jewels, bows and even flowers not to mention a wide array of colors. There are so many fun options on the market, definitely pick up some of these.

When it comes to hair accessories, the hair tie is still the reigning queen. Mainly because it can be used in any length of hair as well as in any setting. They are great for working out and equally fitting with evening wear. It’s all about the selection of the tie and the style that you’re using it for. For example, small hair ties are always great to have, they even come in clear which makes them all the more inviting to have. Thick ties are also popular and they’re offered in many colors, too. Ties are perfect to use if you want to create a lot of different looks. For example, a great way to hide a hair tie is to take a section of the hair and wrap it around the hair tie.

Small jewels are another terrific addition to an accessory collection. They can be placed throughout the hair with updos and they can also be worn on accessories you already have such as clips. Even better, bling is so popular that you no longer have to be dressed to the nines to wear jewels.

So, jewel up ladies. Wear one accessory or combine them. And, don’t forget to get creative with some new looks. Remember, Santa’s watching!

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