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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Fashion Week’s Pretty & Practical

Sherrie Wilson

Fashion week is always a great tool for feeding your inspiration It’s also a terrific indicator of what is trending this season. However, I think it can be used on a very practical level as well.

Now, I fully understand that there are some very artsy fashion forward looks out there. Some of the looks you may even feel certain aren’t for you. However, if you look carefully, you can always find a style that can be tailored to fit your personality.

Let’s start with the Fendi models. These beautiful models were truly embracing their natural curl and color. This is a look that I believe we will be seeing more of. From a practical standpoint, we also saw good examples of how naturally curly hair can be worn. The models definitely presented two distinct options; wear your hair curly and revel in its natural look; or straighten it out for sleek sophistication.

I also enjoyed the looks that were presented by Alberta Ferretti. Here, we saw asymmetrical, geometric, cuts with a pop of color. Geometric cuts tend to look more severe, however, there are several different variations to an asymmetrical cut that can add a hint of spice to your style. And, remember, it doesn’t always have to be severe.

So, you may be wondering what color was popping? I adored the blue, it looked extremely classy especially on dark or black hair as we saw the Fendi models wearing. For those that love color, don’t be afraid to give your hair that pop. There are a lot of options. We are seeing blue, green and bright red. The model for Gucci even added some yellow to her blonde tresses which really finished her look.

Blunt Bobs were very much dominating the cat walk. I don’t mean just blunt Bobs, but blunt ends, period. This style was perfect on any length of hair. Hair accessories were right there with the Bob. Gucci exhibited them as a primary feature in their collection.

Accessories are a great item to utilize on a day to day basis. The right accessory can add a little extra to long hair and short hair alike. Also, while accessorizing braids and top knots may be fairly standard, all you Pixie ladies shouldn’t be afraid to add accessories to your short tresses either. It can be fun, especially, if your cut is too short to wear in different ways.

I would be neglecting a huge portion of Fashion Week if I failed to mention the presence of the men on the runway. Male models were definitely strutting their stuff in Milan with pops of fuchsia color as displayed on the Versace’ models. Everything from buzzed to longer messy looks were prevalent. We also were able to get a feel for the greased back look of the 50’s on the Haider Ackermann models. And, like the females, the men were embracing their natural curl as well. We saw this on the Dolce Gabbana models.

Overall, pops of color are more popular than ever as was, natural curl. So, don’t be afraid to give those looks a try. Once you do, consider getting the hair accessories out. Get creative. And men, this means you, too! Don’t be afraid to add pops of color, after all they’re doing it in Milan!

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