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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Bridal Party Perfection

Sherrie Wilson

Most brides have a vision of what they want their special day to look like. It may start out with colors and settings and, ultimately, is planned out right down to the look of the wedding party.

Preparing the perfect look for the wedding party can be as essential as the setting itself. Granted, our bride has thought about this day her entire life so how do we ensure that we are living up to her expectations?

First, I recommend starting off with a consultation with the bride or the wedding planner. Prior to the consultation ask them to select some looks that they would like to see or accessories. I have seen bridal parties with everything from colored veils to beautiful ornate combs. Either way, this will help the members of the bridal party to stay consistent with the look that the bride wants.

Let’s say we have a mix of bridesmaids with long hair and short hair. This is the perfect opportunity to use a versatile accessory that can tie nicely with the overall look. Be ready to show some sample accessories that can be mixed with multiple hairstyles. Have some bridal magazines on hand as well so that you can explain your recommendations by utilizing photos.

Next, plan out the appointments for the bridal party in advance. Make sure you allow enough time and be ready to show them the look that the bride has decided upon when they arrive. Communication and diplomacy skills are key, especially if you have a bridesmaid that is set in wearing her hair a certain way. As a professional, try to make adjustments without varying to far from the look so that everyone is happy.

My final piece of advice is to allow yourself plenty of time on the big day and to call in back up if necessary. This means that if you have a 10:00 AM wedding and an eight person wedding party, don’t be afraid to approach an additional stylist to assist you.

Happy Wedding Season to all!

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