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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Anything Goes at Billboards

Sherrie Wilson

With her beautiful softly textured bob hairstyle, the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens took to the red carpet this week at the Billboard Music Awards. This is a hairstyle that we continue to see trending at award shows and on magazine covers alike. It’s beautiful and can be worn in so many ways, we can definitely count on seeing it for a while.

Leah Michele showed us that top knots are not going anywhere anytime. She looked terrific and really caught the viewers eyes with her style.

Camilla Cabello rocked her long straight hair which she finished with a soft bang that slightly hung over her eyebrows. This created a soft and stunning look. Bangs are big this season and I am certain that we will be seeing a lot more of them.

Anything goes right now and no one illustrated this better than Halsey did with her buzzed hair. All that matters is that you feel confident in wearing whatever you select and then you can rock your style.

Sibley Scoles looked amazing strutting her platinum hair. However, fans witnessed the biggest change with Miley Cyrus. Seeing her at the Billboards with her longer Ombre color and soft waves just proves that she can sport any look .

And finally, we can’t leave out Cher. She is beautiful, classy, and is a fabulous ambassador for the music industry. Her blonde Cleopatra locks definitely took center stage. I loved, loved, loved her look!

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