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How to Square Up: The more we use it, the more we save!

Square, the simple solution for collecting fees and managing your business, is offering an exclusive deal to Phenix Salon Professionals that makes it even less expensive to keep more of what you earn.
Phenix Salon Suites is all about elevating stylists and other salon artists to achieve their dreams and make more money. Square helps them to do the same by providing them with a reliable, easy means of collecting their fees and tracking revenue.


Square Up!

And, now, Square is offering a special discount to Phenix Salon Suites making it even less expensive as more and more use it: Square’s typical rate of 2.75% will be reduced to 2.50% and will continue to decrease as more suite owners sign up.
If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet you will be able to use the Square reader to process customer fees, with no contract and no hardware costs.
1. How do you get that great Phenix rate?
• If you are a new Square user, then in your web browser, type: and follow through the prompts. Once you have completed this enrollment process, email with the email you used to create your new account.
• If you already have a Square account but need a new reader, then you will need to create a new account using a new email address and proceed through the steps listed above.
• If you are already a Square user, email and include the email address used to log into your Square account.
2. How do I know if the corporate rate has been applied to my account?
Log into in your web browser and click on the icon on the top right, select “Account & Settings,” then on the left select “Pricing & Services” tab.
*Due to the large volume of sign-ups it may take two weeks for the corporate rate to be applied.
3. “Ok, I just created a Square account. Now what?”
Make a transaction! Go to the app store on the device you plan to use and download the free Square Register app. Square recommends processing a $1.00 credit card transaction to understand how the process works. You can then issue a refund. All payments will be deposited into your bank account the next business day.
4. Have more questions? Bobby Rigali from Square will be scheduling regular training sessions. If you have an immediate question, contact customer support via Become a Phenix Square user today!