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Hairbrained – ‘Tis the Season for Fall Haircutsby Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Playing sports use to be about just pulling the hair up. But nowadays it seems that even in the sports world, there is a fashion statement being made.

For hair, it’s about mixing and matching. Ponytails ranging from high up on the head to low lying on the nape of the neck or even longer. Their worn tight and slicked back or loose with strands framing the face.

On the field of play, accessorizing the ponytail is the name of the game. A popular and easy way to accessorize is by using various hair ties on the pony tail and spacing them equally an inch apart starting at the scalp all the way to the end of the tail.

If we’re talking sports then we can’t forget the braid. There’s th standard braid that can be worn single or duo and then there’s the French braid which opens all sorts of doors.

A single French braid is always an option. A French braid can also be worn on each side of the head. The French braid can also be combined with other styles such as the pony tail, twist or fishtail.

Low lying side braids or twist are great, too. This is especially true when there is a hat involved. Their great on the golf course and equally terrific with a snowboard helmet.

Head bands are great for any length of hair and can be used when doing so many activities. The great thing with headbands is they can be added to almost any style. A headband can be utilized to accessorize a pony tail, twist or braid. Yet, they can also stand alone and look stylish and fitting.

On a side note, don’t forget that as the weather gets cooler we tend to use more indoor heat. This takes a toll on the hair and can make it more dry than normal so make sure you are gentle when you tie your hair back. This will prevent breakage so that you can continue to look great regardless of the sports season.