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Hairbrained – Stylist Pointers Provide Perfect Lookby Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

With Christmas parties well underway, it’s a great time to meet with your stylist and request a few lessons on some quick tricks of the trade. When I say “tricks of the trade” I am referring to those little secrets that will make you look amazing which you can do yourself at home to get ready for a party or a night out.

This year it’s all about easy hair that is finished but not over-done. We have been seeing this trend all year on the runways of Fashion Week, the red carpets of Hollywood and adorning our favorite magazines. Now, it’s time to learn how to get these same fashion forward looks at home with just a few quick tips.

Adding a braid or a twist to hair that is left down can be a quick and beautiful accessory. Slight waves or loose curls can also work to give long hair just what it needs. My idea is to create a lovely “surprise” look that is different, just in time to go with your favorite holiday outfit.

You can also make a statement that says fun and festive by styling or decorating your top knot or bun with a dressy headband. Headbands come in so many textures now that this is a limitless option. From fabric to bling, who cares about additional accessories when a headband can be perfect for tying a look together.

If you want to wear some of your hair up and leave some of your hair down, then braiding or twisting a select section of hair can add some interest. This is an option to create a low key, yet sophisticated, look in a short amount of time. Perfect for a night out, a work function or a special date with a loved one. You name the event, either way, it works fabulously for this time of year.

You can also add everything into one look. Just place your hair up in a ponytail, or a top bun, then feel free to add a braid, or twist, along with a headband. Now this may sound hard to envision, but sometimes multiple elements work to create a really amazing and sleek look. They contribute to your hair style having a modern edge.

Name of the game is have fun with your hair! It’s such a neat time to hit the town and experience all that the season has to offer. You can’t go wrong with putting yourself out there and trying new styles. Like I said, your stylist will have some great styling tips so, what are you waiting for? Get busy and get your appointment scheduled.0000